Legal Services

Court Briefs:

At XPress Copy, same day turnaround is the norm.  A wide range of color covers and bind types are available, but court requirements will usually dictate which colors and which binds are acceptable.  XPress can advise you, taking advantage of our 30+ years’ experience copying briefs and appendices.

XPress Copy is well aware that court deadlines are not flexible!  We understand the vital importance of delivering your copies on time.

We do need your help making specific decisions:  Do you want your original documents bound?  Do you need a repeat cover?  Do you want acetate on front? On the back? Both?  What is the exact color of cover and back?  Please be prepared to answer all these questions before we start copying.

File Copying:

You’re probably familiar with stored legal files, a part of the full disclosure process.  They usually comprise just about anything you can think of: undersized, oversized and folded pages, sticky notes, receipts of all kinds and shapes, scraps of paper (sometimes clipped, sometimes stapled, sometimes loose) . . . and everything has to be copied accurately and completely.  Originals have to be re-clipped, re-stapled, and put back in exact order.

But what may be your worst nightmare is part of a day’s work for XPress Copy, and a challenge which we are ready and able to meet head-on!  Copying these files accurately can be a relatively slow process, but you’ll be surprised how fast our experts can turn even the messiest of these boxes around.  Just call and let us know you’ve got a “file job to copy”.  An XPress Copy professional will arrange to visit your office, find out what you need, and give you a copying cost and a time estimate for your job.

►  We can number your copies for easy reference.

►  XPress Copy guarantees complete confidentiality.

►  We can scan any document to PDF for permanent record.

Meeting Court Deadlines:

XPress Copy has over thirty years of experience helping attorneys and law firms to prepare for court cases, and we know that the decision to go to court is often made at the very last minute.  The dilemma is to balance the need to have all documents copied and ready for court, against the need to delay copying which will not be required should there be an out-of-court settlement.  XPress Copy is ready to respond, and we are prepared to work at break-neck speed to meet these unpredictable deadlines.  We have the staff, the equipment, the experience and the understanding to meet challenges that are unique to the legal profession.

Trial Exhibits:

XPress Copy has provided thousands of oversize Trial Exhibits for use in the courtroom.  We can copy in color or b&w, and enlarge images (including photos) to your specifications.  Foamcore mounting is done in-house, so you can count on fast and punctual delivery.


Customer Service members are standing by ready to answer any questions you may have on this product or any others.

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