XPress Copy produces note pads and tear pads in all sizes and quantities.  Tell us the number of sheets you want in each pad (25, 50 or 75 are popular choices).  XPress will copy the pages and insert single sheets of chipboard to define the thickness of each pad.  Pads are then cut to size and clamped in our “Paddy Wagon” for gluing.  All of our padding glues are fast-drying.

Carbonless forms are padded in much the same way as regular pads, except that we use special glue which allows forms to separate automatically into 2-, 3- or 4-part sets.

The Copy Advisor


  • Small pads are cut from large full sheets.  Nevertheless, if the size of pad is 1/4 sheet, you can produce 4 different pads with 4 different messages printed at the same time.
  • Chipboard backing is standard for pads, and 50 sheets per pad is the most popular size.  You may specify the number of sheets per pad that you prefer.