Business Cards

►  XPress Copy prints beautiful full color or b&w business cards on the latest copying equipment.  Send us your file on line and let us produce a business card you’ll be proud to hand out.

►  We use digital copying technology to produce conventional flat business cards in either b&w or full color.

►  XPress Copy provides very fast turnaround regardless of quantity.

►  We can produce folded business cards in b&w, color, or a combination of both.  XPress Copy will score and fold as necessary.

►  We offer a wide choice of heavy index and cover stocks.

The Copy Advisor

  • Cramming as many cards as possible on a page usually does NOT save money!  Please consult with XPress Copy about optimum layout (6 or 8 "up" per page usually works best).
  • For a bleed, bring background colors at least 1/8" beyond the cut line area.  At the same time, be sure to keep text and graphics at least 1/8" inside all cuts.
  • Publishing software automatically adds "cut lines" to show the printer exactly where to make cuts.  If you add cut lines by hand, be sure to place them outside the print area.