►  Binding & Book Binding: (see Binding for choices and descriptions.  Be sure to look at our BOOK BIND!).

►  Creasing: heavy-weight cards or invitations often require creasing to make a crisp fold. Our new automatic creasing equipment allows us to make accurate multiple creases on thousands of sheets at a time.

►  Cutting & Trimming: XPress Copy's large hydraulic cutter can trim and cut your copies easily and accurately to within 1/100 of an inch, and it will cut reams at a time (“per lift” is the technical term).

Drilling: We can easily 3-hole drill your copies for insertion into ring binders or for screw-posting.  We can use our large 3-holes-at-a-time drill press, or simply have our sophisticated copiers drill automatically as they copy.  You can also order custom 1-, 2- or 5-hole drilling with a choice of hole sizes.

►  Folding: Whether you need to fold a few or thousands of copies, our XPress Copy professional folding machines can letterfold, bifold, Z-fold, or execute whatever fold you need.  And what cannot be auto-folded, the professional staff at XPress Copy can carefully fold by hand, one copy at a time.

►  Laminating: (see Laminating)

►  Padding:  Padding involves applying special glue to one side of a stack of papers.  XPress Copy can make pads out of almost anything and we have special glue for carbonless forms so they separate in sets.  (We love the name of the special portable vise we use to clamp stacks of paper for padding - it's called a Paddy Wagon!)

►  Perforating:  “Perfing” your copies creates a section that can be torn off.  Please note that perfing your copies may require an extra day or two of production time.

►  Poly Wrapping (or “shrink wrap”):  Wrapping your copied materials gives them clear waterproof protection.  XPress Copy professionals can wrap to your specifications, either individually or several items per packet.

►  Scoring: We can crease your heavy-weight cards or invitations as necessary for a smooth professional-looking fold.

Stapling (also called “stitching”):  Stapling provides an inexpensive alternative to binding.  XPress Copy can machine-staple most jobs automatically as the job is being run.