Exhibits & Displays

►  Full color prints, posters and banners are easy for XPress Copy to produce, and we can print in widths up to 36 inches by almost any length.

►  All our copies can be laminated, dry mounted, or both.

XPress Copy will gladly install grommets for easy hanging.

►  We can affix easel backs for display on a tabletop.

The Copy Advisor

  • If you are able to schedule ahead of time, please allow us a day between printing your displays and foamcore mounting them. The foamcore is less likely to curl.
  • If XPress Copy is printing very large exhibit pieces for you, consider laminating but not mounting them.  Large mounted exhibits can be quite awkward to transport.
  • If you are printing an exhibit piece for a trade show, we recommend laminating with a matte finish.  A glossy laminate under bright light can reflect a lot of glare.