File Copying

You’re probably familiar with stored legal files, a part of the full disclosure process.  They usually comprise just about anything you can think of: undersized, oversized and folded pages, sticky notes, receipts of all kinds and shapes, scraps of paper (sometimes clipped, sometimes stapled, sometimes loose) . . . and everything has to be copied accurately and completely.  Originals have to be re-clipped, re-stapled, and put back in exact order.
But what may be your worst nightmare is part of a day’s work for XPress Copy, and a challenge which we are ready and able to meet head-on!  Copying these files accurately can be a relatively slow process, but you’ll be surprised how fast our experts can turn even the messiest of these boxes around.  Just call and let us know you’ve got a “file job to copy”.  An XPress Copy professional will arrange to visit your office, find out what you need, and give you a copying cost and a time estimate for your job.

  • We can number your copies for easy reference.
  • XPress Copy guarantees complete confidentiality.
  • We can scan any document to PDF for permanent record.
File Copying


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