►  Traditionally called “saddle-stitched” booklets, these are among XPress Copy's most popular products.  All year long, we copy playbills for arts, performing arts and sports organizations, directories for groups ranging from private clubs to fire departments, safety handbooks, policy guides … and the list goes on!

►  Each folded sheet produces four numbered pages in a booklet.  If you want to avoid blank pages, design your booklet so that the total of numbered pages is divisible by four (e.g.: 4, 8, 24, 32 pages).

►  XPress Copy will often be able to offer you the new and popular “square-back” style of saddle-stitched booklet, which adds a degree of elegance to your finished product.

►  Book  Bind (also known as "Perfect," “Paperback," or "Wrap-around" Bind): If you're looking for something more permanent than a program booklet (or if your booklet has a lot of pages), consider our new Book Bind.  Using new technology, XPress can print whatever cover you want (in b&w or full color), and produce a perfect paperback volume for you!  There are no quantity limitations, the glue bind is absolutely solid, and the cover folds are crisp and elegant.  The book title can be printed to your specification on the spine of your cover.

The Copy Advisor


  • One sheet of paper produces 4 numbered pages. By laying out your booklet so that the number of booklet pages is divisible by 4, you will avoid blank pages.  Remember that the single outside sheet makes 4 faces (outside cover, inside cover, inside back and outside back), so don't include those inside faces in your numbered page count!
  • XPress Copy will provide "square back" style where possible, but we cannot do it when booklets have more than 48 numbered pages (i.e., 12 sheets + cover).