► Although we generally print on standard size sheets (8½”x11”, 8½”x14” and 11”x17”) , XPress Copy can custom print your job to whatever size and shape of menu you want.

XPress carries a wide range of stocks suitable for menus.  We can also order any particular stock you want if we don't already have it in inventory.

►  We recommend laminating menus for their protection, with your choice of 3-mil, 5-mil or 10-mil laminate thickness.

►  XPress Copy also recommends that you order menus only in the quantities you need.  Especially in the restaurant business, items and prices tend to change often, and it’s all too easy to pay for, and get stuck with, large quantities of outdated menus.  Because XPress Copy prices are so low and our turnaround so fast, copying on demand (rather than stockpiling) usually makes the most sense!

►  Take-Out Menus from XPress Copy are more economical than standard menus.  Because they are expendable, they are usually copied in black-and-white, on text weight paper, and are not laminated.

The Copy Advisor


  • Menus items tend to change often, and prices can change unexpectedly!  XPress Copy urges you to order no more menus than you need at any one time.
  • XPress Copy has added more laminating equipment to meet growing demand.  Laminating is quick, easy and costs very little.  It's a great value!