(see also Annual Reports)

►  Reports come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and XPress Copy can print and deliver whatever you need.

►  XPress Copy offers you the option of printing full color throughout, black & white throughout, or a combination of both.  We can copy on plain paper in a choice of text weights or even on glossy stock.  You have similar choices for covers, including our popular “silk” finish, but most customers choose a glossy cover in full color.

►  We have a great binding option for Reports. It's our Book Bind (also called “Paperback," "Perfect," or "Wrap-Around" Bind):  XPresscan print whatever cover you want (in b&w or full color), and produce a perfect paperback volume for you!  The glue bind is absolutely solid, and the cover folds are crisp and elegant.  The book title can be printed to your specification on the spine.  We'll be happy to send you a sample.

►  Reports need the best quality, so we recommend that you send us digital files, rather than hard copy which we have to scan (thereby losing some clarity).

The Copy Advisor


  • If you plan to insert tabs in your reports, consider adding oversize (9"x12") covers and backs so the tabs don't stick out when the book is closed.