Greeting Cards

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►  Using XPress Copy, you can design and print a folded greeting card in full color, and choose from a wide range of heavy stocks.  A graphic on the front of the card and a message inside is one typical format.  Whether a card is designed as portrait (with fold on the left) or landscape (with fold on top) will depend largely on the format of the text and the graphics.

►  The heavier the stock you choose, the more likely it is that XPress Copy will recommend that your copies be scored to make a clean fold.  Our automatic creaser makes scoring fast and economical.

►  We can cut your cards to any size, but if you intend to mail them, be sure to choose a size that will fit comfortably in an available envelope.  And don’t forget that XPress Copy can print whatever you want on the envelope itself!   (see “Envelopes”)

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The Copy Advisor

  • When you are designing greeting cards, it's usually best to leave plenty of "white space" and wide margins.  Cards filled with text and graphics can look crowded.
  • Remember that you have the option of designing your cards in portrait format (with fold to the left) or landscape format (with fold at the top).