Mailing Services

XPress Copy shares space with the mailing company Portland Presort at our 100 Fore Street location.   To provide efficient full service, we work hand-in-hand with Portland Presort to coordinate printing and mailing, and get your mailings out quickly and efficiently.  Portland Presort offers full mailing services, including all the sorting and tabbing required for bulk mailing.  For more information, please contact Portland Presort directly at (874-9780) or at

The Copy Advisor

  • If you want XPress Copy and Portland Presort to handle your bulk mailing, you do not need to provide a Bulk Rate Indicia of your own.  Portland Presort can utilize their existing indicia.
  • If you are a non-profit, and want Non-Profit Bulk rates, you must register with U.S. Postal Service and be approved by them ahead of time.  (The USPS sets very strict eligibility guidelines for approval of non-profit bulk rates.)
  • Microsoft Excel databases are much preferred for submitting your names and addresses to XPress Copy or Portland Presort.