(see also Bid Sets and Engineering Services)

►  XPress Copy can copy and bind your project manuals or specifications in any quantity, and we’ll deliver your finished product consistently on time.

►  We can scan your specs and store them digitally on file for reorders at no extra cost to you.

►  XPress Copy knows what it means when you use terms like “double-sided by section,” and we get it right every time.  If you need specific sections printed on green or blue paper, you can be sure your instructions will be followed to the letter!

►  XPress Copy is well-known for flawless bid set distribution of specs and plans (see Bid Sets)

INTRODUCING . . . the XPress Copy Online Plan Room! XPress Copy now offers sophisticated Plan Room services.  Customers can view projects on line, order and pay for plans, as well as download and pay for pdf files on line.  Our XPress Copy Plan Room provides tight control and detailed tracking of all orders. 

The Copy Advisor

  • Let XPress scan your specifications to our servers to make re-ordering easy.