Paper Stocks

20# Bond is text-weight paper, and is what we know as “regular” paper.  It is available in a wide range of Pastel colors.  Regular paper has what is called a “vellum” finish, i.e., neither coated nor glossy.

►  24# Bond is text-weight paper, somewhat heavier than 20# Bond.  It appears primarily as resume paper, or Certificate Bond, available in a limited number of colors, chiefly white, cream & ivory.

60# Offset is text-weight paper with a vellum finish, and is the same weight as 24# Bond.  XPress Copy carries a wide range of this popular stock in both Pastel and Brilliant colors.

►  28# Laser is a white bond paper with a special finish which is recommended for color copying.

►  Card stock, Cover stock and 67# Vellum Bristol are various heavy-weight papers used for report covers, business cards, menus and more.  They are available in a wide range of both Pastel and Brilliant colors.

►  100# Silk stock is a white semi-gloss coated paper available in cover weight.  (This silk stock is very popular for its elegant looks and "feel").

Glossy stock is a coated paper which makes for stunning color copies.  Glossy stock is available from XPress Copy in both text and cover weights.  In fact, we currently carry six different glossy papers from which to choose.

The Copy Advisor

  • XPress Copy suggests that you avoid using green paper when copying b&w photos of people - the color of the paper makes them look quite unhealthy!
  • Stocks with heavily textured finishes do not do well in a copier.  If you consider texture as hills and valleys, toner collects in the valleys and remains unfused.