(see also Copying on Demand)

►  If you’ve run out of business forms (e.g., invoices, receipts, order forms or the like), XPress Copy is ready to fill your needs in a hurry.  Just send us a digital file (if you have one), or bring in hard copy and we’ll work from that.  Even if you need only a few forms to get you by, XPress is ready to help.

►  If you’re creating an office form from scratch, XPress Copy will provide fast service at a great price.  We’ll even store a copy of your new form(s) for re-ordering if you wish us to do so.

XPress Copy can print Carbonless Forms in either 2-Parts (white/yellow), 3-Parts (white/yellow/pink) or 4-Parts (white/yellow/pink/gold), and deliver them in easy-to-separate collated sets.

►  XPress Copy's fast turnaround and great prices mean that you can safely and easily “Copy on Demand”, in other words make only as many copies as you need at a time.  That way you can make changes in copy when necessary, and you’ll never be stuck with large quantities of outdated forms.