Color Copying

►  XPress Copy makes rich and vivid color copies in any quantity, and we specialize in producing flyers, brochures, reports, and other documents up to 12”x18” in size.

►  Our high-tech color production machines are able to copy two sides at the same time, giving very accurate second-side registration.  This tight registration is essential for producing professional-quality double-sided copies which require intricate folding, scoring or cutting.

► We can produce “bleeds” (copies with ink going right out to the edge of the paper) in sizes up to and including 11”x17”.  Just ask XPress Copy customer service about the design requirements.

►  You can choose from XPress Copy's wide range of papers, ranging from standard 28# laser paper up to thicker cover stocks with semi-gloss, gloss or our popular “silk” finish.

►  If you might be interested in converting your color copies into a paperback book, check out our new Book Bind in our Binding section.

The Copy Advisor

  • Prints with bleeds need to copied on a sheet larger than the finished product, then cut down to size.  XPress carries 12"x18" paper to allow 11"x17" bleeds.
  • We do not recommend copying onto heavily-textured paper.  Toner fuses unevenly in the "hills and valleys", giving a mottled look.
  • Don't spare the color!  Because XPress Copy doesn't charge by amount of toner, heavy full color coverage costs no more than lighter coverage.