Programs (see also Booklets)

►  Do you have an upcoming event?  Let XPress Copy produce elegant programs for you in booklet form.  A program format is great for sharing information, for advertising, and to thank your sponsors by providing an elegant playbill.

► Looking for a budget price?  XPress Copy can print in full color on the outside covers, with black-and-white on the inside sheets.  You’ll have a great looking program for an amazingly low price!

►  XPress Copy offers a terrific bonus with our new “Squarefold”, an enhanced form of saddle-stitched fold which gives booklets an elegant look and lets them lie flat.  Hard to describe, but just wait until you see one!

►  For a very special permanent Program, you might want to consider our new Book Bind (also called “Paperback," "Perfect," or "Wrap-Around" Bind):  XPress can print whatever cover you want (in b&w or full color), and produce a perfect paperback volume for you!  The glue bind is absolutely solid, and the cover folds are crisp and elegant.  The book title is printed to your specification on the spine of your cover.  You'll be surprised at the low cost and the high quality of this option.  We'll be happy to quote and send you a sample.

The Copy Advisor


  • For an unusual look with the same amount of paper available for copy, try designing and printing a booklet sized 4.25" x 11" (lengthwise fold)  instead of the usual 5.5" x 8.5".
  • XPress Copy recommends a 60# cover weight stock for booklet and program covers.  It folds well and usually suits the final product.