Whether your presentation format is letter size (8½”x11”) or ledger size (11”x17”), XPress Copy can print it in color or black-and-white directly from your digital file for a fine professional look.  Glossy stock can give your color presentations an added “kick”.  XPress Copy recommends clear covers and black vinyl backs.  We offer a full range of bindings (see Bindings).

The Copy Advisor

  • If you plan to insert tabs in your presentations, consider adding oversize (9"x12") covers and backs so the tabs don't show when the book is closed.
  • If the importance of your presentation doesn't warrant the cost of a bind, consider simply two staples down the side.  It's simple but effective enough for some jobs.
  • A slight increase in paper weight, for example to 28" laser stock, can give a presentation a much more elegant and professional look.