XPress Copy has been copying newsletters of all kinds for over 32 years, and can help you produce and distribute a great newsletter on time, every time, at low cost!

Newsletters are a tried-and-true way to reach your customers and keep them informed.  They are a great way to advertise events, introduce new products or services, or simply to tell a story.  Internal newsletters are an effective means of updating your group or organization monthly or quarterly, and to get the word out.

XPress Copy produces all manner of newsletters each month, some in color, some in black & white, and some mixed.  Many of the newsletters we produce are multiple pages folded and stapled, others are single sheets simply folded.  Quantities range from a couple of dozen to thousands at a time.  XPress Copy copies them all!

We can fold your newsletters, affix your labels, tab them shut, and even handle the mailing.  (see “Mailing Services”)

The Copy Advisor


  • Save money: print b&w on colored paper.  For best economy, use full color only where it will have the most impact and make economic sense.
  • Consider printing the identical newsletter copy, but in two batches: print in full color to send to your best customers, and use b&w for less important prospects.
  • Self mailers should be designed with tab closures at the top of the address panel, not at the bottom.  (The USPS requires that you use two tab closures if they are at the bottom.)