►  XPress Copy can print promotional messages anywhere on an envelope face, using copying (not offset printing) technology.  This can range from simple black & white text to full color graphics.  Go creative and design envelopes for different marketing projects!

► We can print envelopes in quantities large or small, with normal turnaround of no more than two days!

►  XPress Copy can print on many different types of envelope, including #10 business, window, invitation, catalog, or remittance envelopes.  We even copy ballot envelopes for some municipalities!

The Copy Advisor


  • You can design graphics for your envelopes with as many colors as you like.  Our XPress Copy universal pricing allows you a single color or full color for the same low price.
  • Take advantage of our low envelope printing prices.  You can place different graphics or an additional message on different batches of envelopes.