Bid Sets

(see also Engineering Services)

Bid Set Management for Architects & Engineers: Do you have a project that you need to put out for bid?  Do you really want to do it yourself?  XPress Copy can scan, copy and distribute all the materials for you, handling all the logistics and documentation.  At no additional cost to you, we’ll track your list of plan holders for addenda distribution, as well as keep and manage all records.

XPress Copy mastered the art of Bid Set Management decades ago.  We have an efficient system to provide daily reporting and to ensure prompt delivery and tracking of all documents.  We maintain all necessary lists, fill and track copy orders, issue addenda promptly, handle all bid set deposits, and receive and inspect returned sets.  We’ll be happy to provide references from XPress Copy customers who can speak to the reliability and efficiency of our bid set management systems.

Ask about our new XPRESS On-Line PLAN ROOM! XPress Copy now offers sophisticated Plan Room services.  Customers can view projects on line, order and pay for plans, as well as download and pay for pdf files on line.  Our XPress Copy Plan Room provides tight control and detailed tracking of all orders.


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