Although XPress Copy accepts personal checks, cash and payments by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express), you'll find many advantages to opening an XPress Copy Charge Account:

  • Having an XPress Copy Charge Account is the simplest and fastest way of paying for your jobs.  One quick signature and you’re done!
  • Using an XPress Copy Charge Account ensures that your jobs will be processed with all your preferences included (e.g., Do you require a P.O.?,  Are only certain people in your company authorized to place orders?, etc.)
  • If you are a Non-Profit and have an account, you will automatically receive our substantial      non-profit discounts.
  • Your monthly statement will list all the charges and payments made, so you have a complete record of all your transactions.

Opening an XPress Copy Charge Account is easy.  Simply complete a charge account Application, and we will send you confirmation within a couple of days.

If you need your account application processed faster, please let us know; we can usually expedite the credit process for you.  XPress Copy offers XPress Copy Charge Accounts as a courtesy to customers, and we do request that you keep your account current.  Our normal payment terms are thirty days.  Thank you!