Discounts for Non Profits

XPress Copy’s Non-Profit Discount Program (“XNP” for short) began in 2004 as a pilot program to benefit a few registered non-profit corporations.  Today, our expanded XNP program is open to all non-profits, requires no enrollment, and offers what is essentially wholesale pricing to any individual or corporation engaged in work which benefits the community.

Today, XNP is used extensively by over 400 non-profit customers, including charities, civic groups, religious organizations, social clubs etc., as well as individual students, teachers and volunteers.

XPress Copy is proud to offer XNP, which has to this date provided over two-million dollars in savings, to non-profit customers.  Please be sure to let us know if your work or project is not-for-profit, or, even better, let us register you as a regular non-profit customer!

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