(see also Flyers)

► The “Tri-fold” (or “3-panel”) brochure is an industry standard.  You’ll see examples everywhere.  A typical brochure is a single sheet folded twice to provide six usable panels.  The size of the unfolded sheet is normally either 8½”x11” or the larger 11”x17”, but XPress Copy can trim copies to any size.  Because it’s a single sheet, the only finishing required is folding.

XPress Copy’s equipment produces brochures with stunning vivid color, and we offer great pricing and fast turnaround.  We are experts at working within this simple format to produce an outstanding advertising piece for you.

►  A brochure is perfect for either an informational or a marketing piece, and it is a great way to present products and services.

► It’s simple and elegant, and XPress Copy can do all the finishing (scoring, folding, etc.) required.  (Our new creasing machine makes even multiple scoring a snap!)

The Copy Advisor

  • Heavier stock is not  always the best choice for tri-fold  brochures; if stock is too heavy, it won't fold well and it can feel cumbersome to the touch.
  • Self mailers should preferably be designed to take tab closures at the top of the address panel, not the bottom.  USPS regulations allow a single closure if it's at the top, but require two closures if  they are at the bottom of the piece.  This means additional labor and cost.
  • If you want to include a registration or inquiry form with your 3-panel brochure, simply perforate one panel (or part of a panel) which can be filled out and torn off by the recipient.