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Brochure printing may be used for a variety of purposes, such as promotional marketing materials for your business, events, and more! Brochures are particularly useful for when you need to get the word out fast and cheap. With easy and professional brochure printing and mailing, you’ll be sure to leave an impression on potential clients and customers.

  • XPress Copy’s equipment produces brochures with stunning vivid color, and we offer great pricing and fast turnaround.  We are experts at working within this simple format to produce an outstanding advertising piece for you.
  • A brochure is perfect for either an informational or a marketing piece, and it is a great way to present products and services.
  • It’s simple and elegant, and XPress Copy can do all the finishing (scoring, folding, etc.) required.  (Our new creasing machine makes even multiple scoring a snap!)
Brochure Types
Brochure Types

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