XPress Copy offers full color scanning or black & white scanning at a minimum resolution of 600 dpi.  Our prices are low and our turnaround time is fast.

► We can scan documents of almost any size for copying or digital storage.  From a small card up to a large poster (or banner) 36 inches wide by virtually any length, XPress Copy provides you speed and affordable quality.

►  XPress can scan to a number of file formats, including PDF, TIFF and JPG, at 600 dpi.

►  File Indexing is available for multi-document jobs.

The Copy Advisor


  • XPress Copy can scan your images to various file formats.  Please either specify the format you want, or ask customer service to advise you.
  • XPress advises that you carefully consider how fine a resolution you will need for your stored files.  Archival use usually requires higher resoltion than emailing use.
  • XPress offers either black & white scanning or full color scanning at various resolutions, normally with same day turnaround.