Dry Mounting

XPress Copy professional foamcore mounting is great for trade show graphics, presentations and easel displays.

► It's faster if, when you put in your order for signs, posters and exhibits, you order your printed pieces mounted on foamcore at the same time.

XPress Copy gives you a choice of 5/16” foamcore in black or white.  Half-inch thick foamcore is available by special order.

►  Yes, wide format posters and exhibits can be laminated after having been mounted on foamcore.

►  XPress Copy will gladly install grommets for easy hanging, or easels to make your displays self-standing.

The Copy Advisor

  • It's a good idea to design your jobs with text and images at least 1/4" from the trim edge.
  • Over time, foamcore may start to warp or bow slightly. To minimize this, you can mount it firmly to a fixed surface, or at least make sure it is stored flat.
  • Grommets can be installed anywhere on your foamcore-mounted print. You can specify several grommets across the top, down one side only, or pretty much anywhere you want.
  • XPress Copy custom-trims each foamcore-mounted print by hand, so it's good to allow some extra production time!
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