Engineering Services

►  Our newest engineering printer brings XPress Copy new efficiency in job handling, job building, and job management, as well as providing extraordinary print quality (600 x 1800 dpi).  We have monochrome and full-color scanning capabilities (at 600 dpi resolution) for documents up to 37” wide by almost any length.   XPress Copy engineering prints (Cleanprints) feature accurate reproduction of even the finest lines (at their specified weights), gray scales and solids.

►  Bid Sets & Bid Set Management:  We mastered the art of Bid Set Management decades ago.  XPress Copy has an efficient system to provide daily reporting and to ensure prompt delivery and tracking of all documents.  We maintain all necessary lists, fill and track copy orders, issue addenda promptly, handle all bid set deposits, and receive and inspect returned sets.  We’ll be happy to provide references from XPress Copy customers who can speak to the reliability and efficiency of our bid set management.

NEWS FLASH ... Ask about our new XPRESS On-Line PLAN ROOM! XPress Copy now offers sophisticated Plan Room services.  Customers can view projects on line, order and pay for plans, as well as download and pay for pdf files on line.  Our XPress Copy Plan Room provides tight control and detailed tracking of all orders.

Cleanprints: XPress Copy actually coined the name “Cleanprint”.  These large format b&w plan copies replaced old-fashioned ammonia-based blueprints (diazoprints) years ago.  Cleanprints are stable, crisp and accurate to scale.  XPress Copy can easily produce thousands at a time, in stacks or in collated sets.  Our new Xerox 6622 Engineering Copier provides a new level of fine line and grayscale quality at 600 x 1800 dpi resolution.

►  Color Drawings:  We copy plans in full color, either directly from your digital file(s), or scanned from your hard-copy drawings.  Quality is superb and our prices are rock-bottom.  Don’t forget that a color title page can bring a set of drawings to life!

►  Compatibility: Our state-of-the-art equipment makes crisp, clear copies directly and accurately from submitted DWF, TIFF,  JPG or PDF files.

►  Reductions & Enlargements:  XPress Copy can reduce large bulky plans to exact scale (e.g., 18”x24”, or to the popular 11”x17” size).  We can also enlarge drawings to scale, making copies which are easier to read.

►  Repeat orders:  We will scan both your specs and plans digitally, keeping them on file.  You can reorder complete or partial sets as needed and there is no extra cost for this service.

Scanning & digital storing:  We can scan both your specs and plans, storing them digitally for reordering at no extra charge.  Our Xerox 6622 Engineering Copier scans color or b&w drawings at a remarkable 600 dpi.

►  Vellum & Mylar: XPress Copy offers accurate reproducibles for archiving or creating permanent hard copy originals.  Vellum is a specially treated translucent bond paper (similar material to the old “sepias” of the diazoprinting era), while Mylar prints are a very tough and stable film (“Diazo-mylars” were common in the blueprinting era for archiving plans).

The Copy Advisor

  • For fastest ordering, submit your PDF, TIFF, DWF or JPG files, in addition to your job order, directly to our website (
  • If your plan set is over 100 pages, we recommend you have XPress Copy either bind them with screwposts and our black plastic strips, or divide your set into two volumes.
  • DWG files need to be converted to PDF or DWF files in order for XPress to print them. Please go to for more information.