(see also Paper Stocks)

►  XPress Copy provides a wide variety of cover colors and weights, including clear acetates to protect the front and back of each volume.

► Cover stock adds a feel of sturdiness to your manuals and presentations.

►  Watch your back!  Ask XPress Copy to bind in a sturdy black vinyl sheet as a back to each volume.  The vinyl will protect and stiffen your final product.

. . . and now for something completely different . . . consider our BOOK BIND (“Paperback," "Perfect," or "Wrap-around" Bind).  Using new binding technology, XPress can print whatever cover you want (in b&w or full color), and produce a perfect paperback volume for you!  There are no quantity limitations, the glue bind is absolutely solid, and the cover folds are crisp and elegant.  Your book title can be printed to your specification on the spine!

The Copy Advisor


  • If you plan to insert tabs in any volume, consider adding oversize (9"x12") covers and backs so the tabs don't show when the book is closed.
  • An elegant combination is a full-color cover with an acetate overlay on the front, plus a heavy solid black vinyl (which XPress stocks) on the back.
  • If you choose a printed colored cover stock for the front, we recommend that you use the same color stock for the back of each volume.