Copying on Demand

In the old days, a printer had to make a “plate” before printing, incurring a large initial expense.  As a result, in order to get a good price, customers had to order in the thousands rather than hundreds.  Welcome now XPress Copy and the days of Copying on Demand!  We don’t use plates anymore, so you can order what you need as you need it without any of the old "startup" costs!  Because XPress Copy provides really fast turnaround, you need minimum lead time, especially as XPress can store your files digitally for easy and quick reprinting of orders.  Here are some advantages of ordering in smaller batches:

► you can make changes in copy as you go along (with every order if necessary!)

► you will spread copying costs over time, rather than receiving one large invoice.

► you won’t have to find safe, dry storage for copies you may not use for years.

► you will eliminate waste in not having to store, then discard, outdated forms.

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