(see also Engineering Services)

►  Cleanprints are stable, accurate engineering-size copies on plain bond paper, which are accurate in scale, show fine lines, gray scales and solids well, and are easy to read.  XPress Copy is geared to produce thousands of Cleanprints per hour, so turnaround is very fast even on the largest jobs.

(prices vary depending on the number of prints ordered)

►  Our Engineering Copiers bring a new level of quality and readability to our large format copying.  XPress Copy can now produce copies at 600 x 1800 dpi, with quality reflected in the accurate replication of line weights, uniform gray scales and solids, with even the smallest text and text boxes clear and readable.

►  XPress Copy can scan originals or Cleanprints and store them digitally in house for reorders, a service we offer at no extra cost.  Scanning resolution is at 600 dpi.

The Copy Advisor


  • For best product quality, send us a digital file rather than providing  a paper copy.   A copy of a copy is never as good as a copy made from an original.
  • XPress Copy can scan your Cleanprints and job(s) to file for easy re-ordering.
  • Having XPress use a black binding strip for each set of Cleanprints makes them look great and easy to handle.  A Color Cleanprint for the title page does it all!