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►  If you have any questions about cards or are unsure of your options, please come into XPress Copy (100 Fore Street) and talk with customer service.  After all, nothing is more useful and comfortable than talking person-to-person with experts who want to help!  

►  Whatever kind of card you want, XPress Copy will exceed your expectations for quality and turnaround time.  Single-sided or double-sided cards of all kinds, in b&w or color, flat or folded, large or small, copied on whatever stock you choose – XPress Copy does them all and does them well!

►  If you intend to mail your cards, be sure to have your cards designed and cut to a size that will fit an available envelope!  XPress Copy carries a variety of invitation and greeting card-sized envelopes in stock (and even colored envelopes for holidays).

►  Don’t forget that XPress can also print a message, a graphic, a logo, or even a photo on the face of any envelope!  This is an effective and unusual way to draw attention to any kind of card you want to send.


The Copy Advisor



  • Most cards look and feel more elegant when printed on stock which is 80# cover weight or heavier
  • XPress Copy recommends that  folded cards be scored.  The cost is minimal, and the folds come out  smoother and sharper.