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XPress Copy, a local independent shop, has been providing fast and reliable copying and printing services since 1978. XPress provides high quality and fast turnaround at remarkably low prices.

From XPress Copy you’ll receive:

  • efficient friendly service from professionals
  • meticulous attention to detail
  • delivery on time, every time.

XPress is a member of Portland Buy Local, and offers easy website job submission. By choosing XPress, you will know that your job will be run from start to finish on state-of-the-art equipment, and carefully completed on time by industry professionals who know how to make technology perform.

The XPress Copy Team is responsible for getting your job done to your specifications and delivered on time:

  • Todd Kent, president/owner, joined the XPress team in 1990. Todd has over 25 years of experience and exemplifies the highest standards of customer service and team management.
  • Corey O'Brion, head of our engineering department for many of his twelve years at XPress, is our affable and efficient production manager.
  • Brooke Stanhope, is head of customer service. Brooke brings over twelve years of experience in printing and copying to XPress, ensuring that we provide you the ultimate in friendly and helpful service.
  • Owen Hill works with Brooke Stanhope in customer service. This efficient team can answer all your questions and ensure your order is accurately taken and your job(s) delivered on time.
  • Linda York, full-time copy and color copy expert, has brought reliable, professional quality to XPress for over 25 years.
  • Andy Robinson is our expert in the binding and finishing department.

Discounts for Non Profits

XPress Copy’s Non-Profit Discount program began fifteen years ago as a pilot project to benefit a few registered 501c3 non-profit corporations. Today, our expanded program is open to all non-profits, requires no enrollment, and offers discount pricing to any individual or corporation engaged in work which benefits our community.

XPress Copy is proud of this wildly successful non-profit discount program. It has provided millions of dollars in savings to our non-profit customers over these years. Please be sure to let us know if you feel your work or project qualifies. (If you open an XPress Copy charge account, you can even register as a non-profit customer).

Today, XPress serves over 750 non-profit customers, including charities, civic groups, religious organizations, social clubs etc., as well as individual students, teachers and volunteers.

Questions, Questions, Questions!

Need some help deciding which type of bind to choose? Want to know more about foam core mounting? How large can a postcard be without incurring extra postage? Is it better to order tri-fold brochures or saddle-stitched booklets? What is meant by “Copy On Demand”, and how can it cut my costs?

XPress Copy to the rescue, with COPY ADVISOR! We’ve compiled a growing list of FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) related to copying and printing which we hope will be useful to you. You can access XPress Copy's COPY ADVISOR in two ways:

  1. When you click on an item from our “Product List”, the chances are you will find additional information about that item alongside its description. That’s our new XPress COPY ADVISOR, and it comes to you automatically.
  2. You can go straight to COPY ADVISOR from our home page to find all its content in one place, arranged alphabetically by the associated product or service.

COPY ADVISOR grows steadily as we discover more useful tips, and we invite you to submit tips and advice as well. If you have information (or an experience) which would be of benefit to other customers (and to us), please share your thoughts!